Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are You a Hunter or a Fisherman?

Okay, let's start with a bit of explanation. As a hunter, you scout out your territory, look into the patterns of your prey, get into a good position & when your prey is in your sites, you FIRE! Now, if your prey happens to sense that you are there; if they smell you or feel your presence, they will BOLT as fast as they can in the opposite direction robbing you of that prize.

On the opposite side now, we have the fisherman. Now fisherman are quite different in that they go about things in an entirely opposite way. Although they might still scout out their fishing spot & look into weather patterns & favorite feeding spots but here they cast their bait & WAIT. If the bait is right, the fish will come to them & take their hook.

What is my point you might ask.

Well in hunting, what you are trying to catch runs the opposite way when you are sensed while in fishing, what you are trying to catch comes to you.

We are a lot like that as well. We have some product or service that we want, some "big deal" we want to share or some great proposition we want to offer. It is often quite obvious when we are mingling or networking that we are "on the hunt" so to speak to find our latest "prey" to whom we can sell our product or service to. Now at times this may work, but after the first sell, they too will BOLT.

Being more like the fisherman is a much more effective way not only to gain friends & clientele, but to draw them to you in general. Once they are drawn to you, they will that there "is just something special" about you, & whatever it is, they want some of it. They want to be there & this is exactly where you want to be.

This is critical not only in products or services, but also in surrounding ourselves with positive individuals who are willing to help you.

We cannot always break boundaries alone & need help. It is these people, those drawn to you that will help you break that next boundary that you are trying to break.

Become a fisherman & break that boundary.

God Bless;

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