Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Break Through in 2018

Well friends, 2017 is about in the books & 2018 is about to begin.

Are you ready? Have you reviewed your 2017 resolutions to see if you’ve achieved any of them? All of them? NONE OF THEM?

I try to make a habit to make my New Year’s Resolution list a list of things that I truly want to improve, change, eliminate or start. Too many people use their New Year’s Resolutions as a time to list that “they’re going to loose weight”, “stop smoking”, “eat healthier”, etc. You get the picture. They are things that they need to be doing anyway, right now! If you are overweight now, you need to loose weight now, not at the beginning of the year. If you want to quit smoking or eat healthier, NOW IS THE TIME!

Use your New Year’s Resolutions as a way to dig a bit deeper into yourself & resolve to make this next year, a year of break throughs! A year to overcome those self-set, see-limiting obstacles that have been holding you back from being your ultimate self!

Resolve to read more, pray more, make more friends, help others more, participate in your synagogue, church, mosque or community more.

I can promise you, by doing these things, you will become more. You will grow in ways unimaginable.

I am not brushing off the importance or the need to loose the extra weight, the need to quit smoking or eat healthier, I am just encouraging you to focus on the bigger picture; not solely on yourself. In my experience, by giving more of yourself to others, to strive to help others be more, in the process, you will find that when you were not looking, you would have achieved your goals n the process.

Wishing you & yours a very prosperous 2018.


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