100 Miles for Lincoln

Many of us tend to think that we have it rough. Challenges & obstacles just seem to block us every direction we turn. Do we quit? Or do we soldier on? Often both, right? One would say that it would depend upon the challenge or obstacle that determines whether we can or cannot “break through” this boundary or limitation.

I say that it is OUR OWN MIND that determines this. WE decide what is a boundary & what is not.

If you lost a limb, would you sign up for a local 5K? How about a marathon? Some might just decide that they “could not do it” & relegate themselves to a life that is limited & full of unfulfilled dreams & goals. All because of an internal decision. Others would take on the challenge & smash through this “glass” boundary.

Two year old Lincoln Mouser knows just this challenge. Born in 2011; nearly 4 months premature; he was fighting for his life right from the beginning. Shortly after birth, Lincoln was found to have an open Ductus Arteriosus which leads to abnormal blood flow between the aorta & the pulmonary artery. A week & a half after surgery to correct this, a blood clot was found in Lincoln’s right leg. This clot resulted in the eventual amputation of his right leg through the right knee joint. After several months of recovery, Lincoln was finally released.

In his short 2 years & 9 months, Lincoln has already had several prosthetic legs. And as quickly as most kids grow, he will need many more legs. Lincoln currently has (2) legs; one straight one & a new one with a knee.

And if you didn’t know, legs don’t come cheap! At approximately $16,000 a piece, getting additional legs as Lincoln continues to grow is a huge strain on the Mouser family; not only financially, but emotionally & spiritually as well. They are likely to need more than one a year.

Know No Boundaries has joined up with the Mouser family to raise money to help pay for legs for Lincoln. We are running the Prairie Spirit 100 Ultra on March 29th - 30th to raise the money. A $1.00 per mile donation is what we are hoping for from each person donating. The $100 total donation is the easy part. We are the ones making the physical effort. Know No Boundaries is a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Foundation so all donations are Tax Deductible. Go to our website to make a donation securely through PayPal.

And stay tuned for more photos of little Lincoln & progress on our training.



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