Monday, July 4, 2011

Disappointment, Friendship & Inspiration

Well the 2011 50 Mile Midnight Madness has been written in the history books. We went into this with high aspirations to have a good finish despite the fact that it was going to be in the triple digits temperature wise.

Unfortunately the heat DID take its toll on us & we turned in a DNF (Did Not Finish). After starting our 4th loop (10.3 miles per loop), the heat, p
lus a brief bit if under training did us in. It was a smart move as we want to be able to run again.

It was obvious that we disappointed ourselves as well as our friends, & the supporters of Know No Boundaries however a strange thing occurred. When we posted our disappointing results on Facebook, it was these friends & supporters who indicated that WE were an inspiration to them. Go figure! In our low times, at a time when we felt that we let our friends down, WE INSPIRED THEM!

This is where the FRIENDSHIP lifts one up out of our disappointment. THIS is what friends do.

They say that one can be considered blessed if they can count good friends on one hand in ones lifetime. How is one to feel then when they have more than they can count?

It is THESE FRIENDS that provided us with a Can of Inspiration lifting our initial disappointment to one of thankfulness & gratitude.
Is is THESE FRIENDS who inspire us to be better husbands & wives, better fathers & mothers, better co-workers, better managers & overall, better people.



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Nice Post. This post helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot

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