Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April TATUR TOTS Run on Turkey Mountain

After a brief hiatus from running (mainly due to the fact that I have been in the Omani desert for several weeks), KNB was back in good form (well maybe not so good form). Several friends met in the Turkey Mountain parking lot for a great trail run "on the mountain". (I have never figured out why it is called " a mountain" or what the association is with turkeys.)

The sky was a bit ominous as dark clouds & threatening rain were all around us.

Off we headed onto the trails.

Ahh, the fresh scent of wet leaves, humid woody air & an occasional squishy step.

Over the mountain & through the woods we tramped. Unfortunately Grandma's House was no where to be found.Fourtunately the Big Bad Wolf was also not found (nor did he find us).

Occasionally however, we get to experience trail running at its best. We had the occasion to have twins on the trail.Not exactly idential twins, but close. No tears & no discouragement on trail running. Yes there are the occasional "boo boo", but we are then offered the wonderful opportunity to see God's beauty unfold before us as we step out of the woods.

And with this parting shot, I will bid you farewell & God's Blessings on you, your family & your loved ones.

Until next time;


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