Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Week After

Well, one would think that after such a grand display at Post Oak (back to back races) I would rest my little tootsies, but I could not get myself to do that.

A few of us & the TATUR TOTS ( Tulsa Area Trail Ultra Runners Training on Trails) decided to run at Chandler Park.
After some brief trail instructions by our celebrity runner Ken Childress, we were off.

Heading down the rocky trail, we took a wrong turn right off the bat. Here Charlie demonstrates how to decend so as not to get knocked over by runners behind you.
Heading down the trail, we ran through some tight quarters. Good thing nobody was claustrophobic.

After a while, we came across an old fire pit. We thought this would be a great place for a fireside chat sans the fire. Brian & Ken head the chat.
A little further down the trail, we ran across the home of the Three Bears.

As true trail runners that we are, we had to go in to see if anyone was home.

Lucky for us we scared them off as they stayed back in the brush nearby.

Before heading out, Ken takes a final look back.
Not wanting to over stay our visit, we soon headed back down the trail en route back to start as true TATURS do.

All in all, we got in about 8 miles. Not bad for having run 58 miles the previous weekend.

God Bless You & see you on the trail.


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