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Know No Boundaries

Know No Boundaries

Hmmmm, what are boundaries anyway? To some they are what we tell our children not to color out of, to others they are what divides states and countries while to still others, they stand for our current physical limits. Through God's grace, we can overcome many (if not all) of these self-set boundaries.

Several years ago (or more), my physical boundaries were how far I had to move to get the TV remote. The thought of people actually running 5km seemed ludicrous. After finally getting off my duff and actually running a 5km, I was elated that I broke through a boundary that I thought was impenetrable. Since that first glorious day, countless 5km runs have been completed. This first boundary was just a faint memory.

When one truely loves God & desires to serve Him through all of what He guides us into, many of life's boundaries fall away; some physical boundaries included. Running a marathon was another of those self limiting boundaries. I could not imagine the…