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Passion vs. Business

As many of you know, my PASSION for Know No Boundaries has literally known no boundaries. I have spent countless nights brainstorming about ways to help others & what fundraisers would work best. I have looked for many different events & races where I could “push my own personal boundaries” in order to be a living example of “breaking through.” In essence, I have walked the walk AND talked the talk.

Through this passion to help other people, I have not been as diligent in the business side of things.

When looking for board members (E.g. fundraisers, accountants, etc.), I have looked to friends & family rather than those who know the business of non profit foundations.

Although everyone had golden intentions, my passion was not transferable. I could not infuse MY PASSION into someone else.

I decided to step back & re-formulate HOWKnow No Boundarieswill be in the near & far term. Where do I want Know No Boundariesto be in 2016? IN 5 years? In 10 years?

In order to know th…