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Training - - - so what is it and what does it mean? How does it relate to "boundaries" or in our case, Knowing No Boundaries? We all seem to be "training" for something all of the time. Training to improve our skills at school or at work, training to learn a new language, training for our first 5K, marathon or ultra marathon. With this training, comes obstacles; times during our training when we just do not feel that we are making any progress or even backsliding! As with most other boundaries or obstacles, they are mainly in your own mind! YOU have placed them there and YOU have given them the power to hold you back. The big question is WHY? Why have you let some trivial challenge, some minor setback or difficulty get in your way of achieving what you set out to accomplish? Has your desire to accomplish it diminished? I think not. Have you decided that it is no longer something that you want? Also, I think not! Has it become something that is beyond your true physical,…