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Mental Toughness

We all have moments wherein we feel we have "had it", where we want to "throw in the towel" and just give up. We feel that we have done all that we can and cannot give any more. This could be during a long and greuling race, looking for a new job, being a better spouse or parent, building a relationship or any number of things we attempt to do.

But you CAN oversome these mental barriers. Mental Barriers you say? Yes. Let me explain. If you just "had it" and could do no more and suddenly saw that your child was in dire need of help. Not only would this perceived barrier disappear, but you would go at it with renewed vigor UNTIL you achieved what was needed. Did the barrier go away? Was it even real or just conceived within your psyche? The thing that was perceived as a boundary DID NOT go away, it WAS REAL (at least in your mind) and your overcoming it was an exercise in mental toughness.
You decided to allow the circumstances to become mental chains to kee…