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Chipping Away

When setting goals, we re often told that we need to "stretch ourselves". To set goals that are just beyond our reach but still achievable. Even with this, we cannot always SEE the end results. It can appear that it is just one obstacle after another, one turn after another with no end in sight. But have FAITH! As long as you are chipping away at your goal, one piece at a time, overcoming one obstacle at a time & going around one turn at a time, you WILL reach your goal. Every little but takes you one step closer to realizing your goals. We cannot always expect to see the "WHOLE PICTURE" when often times what we want to achieve is beyond what we cam see. We have a vision, a desired outcome that we want, a goal to reach that is just over that current obstacle or around that immediate turn. Keep at it with FAITH & you WILL achieve it. It WILL include struggles, sweat and maybe even some tears. There will be some days that are easy and others when you want to give…