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I guess you had to have seen Steve Martin's "The Jerk" to appreictae this.

The Broken Arrow Ledger did a wonderful article in today's edition talking about my running adventures & highlighting what Know No Boundaries is all about. Check out the hyper-link above to read the featured article.Know No Boundaries is preparing for Part 3 of the Mother Road 100 series. It is to start on November 13th in Baxter Springs, Kansas, follow historic Route 66 & finish in the Catoosa High School stadium in Catoosa, Oklahoma.Extremely tight hamstrings are a concern at the moment but we are working through this. Pain is inevitable but it would be nice to keep it towards the end rather than at the start.Pray for us & our mission.God Bless;K2

Boundaries Are Only the Limits of the Imagination

As the father of a child born with Dandy-Walker Syndrome, I can say that once we get past the mourning of our child’s disabilities (which unfortunately numerous parents never do), we are constantly amazed by the things they are not limited to. We find ourselves battling within, trying to push them to, and beyond their limits, all the while allowing them to realize there really are no limits.

All too often I have quarreled with family members, in-laws, school teachers and even doctors who constantly tell my daughter, “you can’t do that, let me do it for you”. There is always a little voice inside my head screaming at them, “Stop telling her she can’t do that! Help her learn how to do it for herself. She already has a physical disability, why do you want to impose an emotional disability as well!?”

Twelve years ago, a new “all-encompassing” sport was developed here in Switzerland by a small group of friends with family members with varied disabilities. The idea behind the game is to allo…