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Pushing Through Frustration

It is good to be blogging again after a long hiatus. Things have been C-R-A-Z-Y both at home & at work. With the start of a new year, we all rekindle our drive & commitments to bettering ourselves; loose that weight, take that class, run that marathon, etc. You get the idea. This time of year has the gym absolutely packed with new faces diligently working with resolve to achieve some pre-set goal.

It is unfortunate that most of those people will fade into obscurity after about 30-45 days. The excitement of the moment, the big resolutions and up being taken over by life's events. That report for the boss that needs to be finished, the recitals & sporting events that need to be attended all seem to take precedence over our goals. Albeit, these things are all important, but without our internal resolve to follow through with our commitments, to break through those boundaries that we see as keeping us from obtaining our desires, we are unknowingly cheating our loved ones, o…


Hey there fellow Polar Bears. It was GREAT to take my "first" plunge on the 1st of the year. Nothing like ice cold water to make one really feel A-L-I-V-E!
Crazy you say? I say you need to get outside your comfort zone in life in order to accomplish or achieve anything. A boat cannot discover new lands until it looses sight of the shore. In this way, one cannot discover all that God has planned for their lives until they break out of their self limiting boundaries.

This is a new year & often time for new beginnings & new resolutions. Why not resolve to be a new person this year; to set goals just out of your reach, to stretch yourself to a point to be a bit uncomfortable. God has blessed each of us with unique gifts & I believe that we owe it to Him to use those gifts & not waste them.

I know that when I am in front of the Pearly Gates of Heaven in front of Almighty God, I want to be sure that He knows that I used ALL of the gifts that I was endowed with &…